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St Tropez Professional Original Treatment


Pamper yourself and indulge in our nourishing St Tropez Original Lotion Sunless Tan - featuring masterful moves to leave your body relaxed, skin hydrated and outer self glowing with a sun kissed, natural looking colour. This professional treatment begins with a light body brush on dry areas to buff skin, followed by moisturizing of any dry areas to avoid tan build up (generally ankles, knees, wrists and elbows). Next an application of professional-grade sunless lotion is carefully applied using gloved hands to produce a golden tan. Areas are blended to ensure even coverage, but expect the final smooth and even effect after a shower (4-8 hours post application). Ideal for all skin types, our selected sunless tanning products are formulated to flatter all skin colours - even people with the fairest skins.

Why Choose Us?

The Sunless Store has offered customers around the world the finest sunless tanning products since 2002. Please contact us today with any questions you may have.