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Care and Storage of Your Solution




With the right care and handling, you should get the intended spray tan results - with normal use under standard conditions.  If the product is mishandled or stored incorrectly, the performance and stability of the solution will be affected.


It’s important to store solution at room temperature in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight (preferably in a cool, dark cabinet).  Solution can be stored in a refrigerator; however, extreme care should be taken so solution doesn’t freeze.


Exposure to heat, light or air can cause shelf life to lessen and can affect the DHA’s performance and stability.  Make sure the cap is replaced immediately after use and is secured tightly to ensure air is not getting into container.


The Sunless Store’s tanning solutions have been specifically formulated to provide you long-lasting, superior results.  However, if at any time the solution is stored or handled incorrectly, the ability of the solution to perform will be adversely affected. 


Shelf life is approximately 6 months, after which the tanning action of DHA slowly loses its effectiveness.  Shelf life is longer if the bottle is unopened as it hasn’t been exposed to air.


Remember to keep your solution in a cool place.

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