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Marketing Ideas

Marketing Ideas


  • Keep yourself tanned. You are a walking advertisement for your products and services. By wearing the tan, you are able to promote it. If you’re spraying at a salon, keep other employees tanned.  Also offer it to friends and family.


  • Signage, including banner out front, and signage inside your business promoting the spray.


  • Brochures and retain products on display in your business.


  • Give an introductory offer for the first month of offering this service - $5 off, ½ price tans, referral offer or pay for 5 tans get 1 free.


  • Exchange business cards with florists, wedding stores, clothing stores, hairdressers, weight-loss clinics, any where you target market may go. Introduce yourself to local dermatologist. Offer free tans to their receptionist or nurse; have them display your brochure or business card.


  • Fitness clubs and gyms are a great place to display a flyer or offer to give them a discount vouchers to hand to clients buying a gym membership.


  • Talk to photographers/modeling agencies.  Beauty pageants, media personalities, sales people.


  • Real estate firms – ask them to put a voucher in the basket they present to buyers of homes – they may be new to the area and not know where to go.


  • Teens – give flyers to schools at formal time.


  • Editorial with photo of tan being done in local newspaper.


  • Give voucher to charities as door prizes – word of mouth advertising is incredible.


  • Local newspaper or radio advertisements.


  • Magnetic signs on your car, or stickers on your car windows.


  • Local mailer coupon books.


  • Join Chambers of Commerce and exchange business cards and information with other businesses for them to display your brochures and you display theirs.


  • Have a referral program.

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