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Spray Tanning Systems

High Volume Low Pressure Spray Tanning Systems

We offer Spray Tanning Systems for Salon and Spa use, as well as for mobile spray tanners. We know that you can find lower priced machines on the internet, but the quality of those machines are often not very good. We have chosen to provide our customers with better systems and spray guns, than the lower costs options. 

USA Orders

We feature Apollo HVLPsun™ Spray Tanning Systems


Apollo™ HVLPsun Tanning Systems are gentle, efficient and cost effective. The tanning solution goes precisely where you want it to go. Technicians can easily shade and contour. The tanning solution is so finely atomized that not a drop is wasted.

Over 45 years of Apollo Sprayers’ HVLP expertise 

  • Built at our factory in Vista, CA, USA
  • Motors selected by Apollo Sprayers provide high efficiency and the most longevity
  • Mist Applicators are ergonomically engineered for technician’s comfort
  • Mist Applicators are specially designed to stay cool to the touch – a major plus during a long working day
  • Superfine mist for maximum customer comfort
  • All models are lightweight and portable
  • Attractive sleek styling
  • Customizable colors and packages to suit every salon
  • Precision designed Mist Applicators are simple to use, clean and maintain

Canadian Orders

fujisprayTAN™ has developed several different brands of spray tanning equipment over the years. They strive for excellence by continuously building the highest quality product. With 3 different series of spray tanning equipment to choose from we have the perfect system for everyone.  The miniTAN™ and salonTan™ series are UL & CSA safety approved and market leaders in the industry. The salonTAN™ Turbine is a super Quiet premium model which is perfect for those spa and salon owners, looking for an exceptional salon spray tanning system. This sturdy and charming design is the “Rolls Royce” of all tanning systems allowing you to spray with confidence. The miniTAN™ Series is the ideal choice for a mobile spray tanning machine. It provides the strength and durability to meet the demands of a high volume spa or mobile tan business. The hvlpTAN™ series are light and mobile systems that will provide a skillful application of tanning solution products.  It’s the “go to” for a home spray tanning machine, perfect for on the road or at a show. When you invest in fujisprayTAN™, you are investing in high quality products and exceptional customer service.

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