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Vertical Spraying




Welcome to the world of spray tanning!  The following instructions are designed to be a starting point.  You will soon develop your own style and technique.  Remember no one sprays perfectly the first time; practice your technique on several people before you begin spraying paying clients. 


Adjust the solution control knob so the right amount of product is sprayed out – not too much as the application will be too wet, and not too light as there won’t be enough product coverage.  Practice speed of spraying – when you go slow product builds up and appears too wet, when you go too fast, not enough product is applied.  It should appear as an even mist, providing an even coverage on the skin.


A few points to remember when spraying:


  • Keep the gun the same distance away from the body the entire time (about 6-8 inches away.)  Keep the gun straight.
  • Keep a steady, consistent speed over the entire body and ensure the gun is moving before you depress the trigger.
  • Your wrist should be kept in one position; all movements must be done from the shoulder.  Move your body in line with the area you are spraying and follow the contours.
  • The skin should look damp, NOT WET, from the product as it’s applied to the body.  A good guide is to measure solution to make sure you’re using approx. 1 ½ to 2 oz. of solution per application.
  • Feet, hands and face should be sprayed from slightly farther away and with a quicker movement.  The hands and feet tend to be drier, so will absorb and hold color more easily.  A soft, disposable towel patted lightly in these areas will help to blend.


After clients have prepped, you can have them stand on a white hand towel or sticky feet to protect the solution from adhering to the bottom of their feet.  Position your client in front of you, standing with their feet firmly on ground, and with their legs apart approximately hip width.















Spray lightly down the back of neck.  Working from the shoulder to the hip, cover the entire back.  If need be, spray down the back of the triceps also, as this is sometimes missed from the front.


Spraying from the hip, have your client slightly bend at the waist to remove crease under buttocks, and continue down the leg to just above the ankle.  Make sure to dry crease area before client stands up.  Swipe very lightly and quickly down back of foot.  Ensure entire back leg is sprayed, and if need be, have your client turn their foot inwards so that you can spray the inner thigh from the rear.






Have client look straight forward and tilt head to side.  Swipe quickly down side of neck (making sure you get into hairline), and down the top of shoulder.


Holding your client’s wrist, spray from shoulder to wrist on top of arms.  Turn the arm and spray the inside of the arm from shoulder to wrist.  Turn the opposite way and spray the outside of arm (forearm) stopping at wrist (letting go of trigger when getting close and backing away).  Have your client hold their arm up in the air with wrist back and spray the underside of the arm, flicking the color into the underarm area very lightly, then down the side of the torso and breast.  Hold the arm out until dry.


Working from the hip, spray down the sides of the leg to color area.  Flick the spray into the ankle only once as feet tend to take the color if oversprayed.






With client lifting head back, swipe very quickly and lightly down front of neck.  Working from the top of shoulder and collar bone to hips, make steady passes to color the chest and midriff.  If client is large breasted, have them raise their arms or cup the breasts up and spray underneath first.  Hold until dry.  Follow the contours of the body and spray down and slightly over underwear (if worn).


Starting from the hip, work down the front of the leg to the ankle.  If you find it a little difficult to begin with, divide the leg into two halves – hip to knee, knee to ankle.  Spray very lightly over knees with a much faster movement.  If it appears client will have lines in knees due to skin folds, have client bend knees, one at a time, and lightly spray, blending in creases with a soft cloth. 


Notice the color being applied to the body.  At the point where the color stops, make another pass down the leg.  Imagine you are painting with a paint brush.  Do this until the entire front of the leg is sprayed.




Turn the foot outwards and spray down the inner thigh and calf.  Flick the spray into the inside of the ankle only once as feet tend to take the color if oversprayed.




Spray feet, one foot at a time with two quick passes from ankle to toes.  Make one pass slightly to the left hand side of the foot, one to the right.  This should be a much faster movement than the rest of the body.  You do not want to overspray the feet.  It’s a good idea to wipe toenails afterwards with a baby wipe or a soft cloth.  Another option would be to apply a barrier cream ahead of time.




With fingers spread apart and clawed as if they’re holding an apple, make two passes over the hands, one to the left hand side, and one to the right hand side.  It helps to pat hand with a soft cloth to blend and then to wipe fingernails with a baby wipe or the soft cloth.  Another option would be to apply a barrier cream ahead of time.




Instruct the client to close their eyes, breathe in and hold their breath while relaxing their face.  If client does not relax their face, it can make for some interesting tan lines.  Spray down the front of the face, then the right side of the face, then the left side, all working top to bottom, making sure you spray into hair line.  These should be quick passes.  After client takes a breath, repeat - after they take another breath in and hold their breath while relaxing their face - by spraying face one more time.  After spraying face, it helps to pat face with a soft cloth so solution doesn’t pool up into large pores.  Disposable towels are great for this.




Now apply a second coat of solution to your client exactly how you applied the first coat BUT much, much quicker and lighter.


Have your client slowly turn to make sure they have a nice even application and be certain you’ve applied enough solution.


Ensure your client is dry enough before they put their clothes on.  

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